Monday, October 26, 2009


The proof for Humanation;

The cover art was done by my good friend, the very talented, Ms. Lindsey Olivarez.

I think we're going to try an alternative design for the cover. I'm not sure the current is 'grabby' enough.

I'll post the new artwork when we finalize it. 

Live Learn Love

Saturday, October 10, 2009


The Humanation Essays is a collection of thoughts that have made their home in my head over the last few years. It is only recently I turned to my hands to help expel those abstract ideas onto paper and into paragraphs.

I do not claim any of the ideas presented in the work original, for they are merely observations. Observations of which would not be capable without the existence of others. Therefore they are simply OUR ideas, perhaps just overlooked or underthought by some. I do not aim to change one's beliefs, only to inspire the willingness to explore new ones.

I hope only to make one think... or re-think.

You can download the essays by clicking on the picture below;

Feel free to express any after-thoughts here, for there can be no greater compliment paid. I look forward to seeing and hearing what ideas stem from those presented within the work.
You can leave a comment on the post or contact me at;

Please feel free to forward this blog on to anyone you believe may be interested in reading it. The essay (as well as future work) will remain here free to download for anyone interested.

For future reference there will remain a section on the sidebar of this blog containing a link to all down-loadable works.

I am in the process of having the essays self-published, and will very shortly have hard-copies to hand out or send to people. More on the publication to come soon...


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